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The Importance of Research into Music

December 1, 2011

There has been much research into how much of an impact music can have on our behavior and thoughts. Although it can be seen as not such an important topic to research considering the many illness that could be researched (including cancer/ mental illness etc) who, in today’s society lives without the influence of music? No-one. Even if your not a music fanatic, everybody is influenced by it: it plays in shops to invite a certain type of target customer, it is played on adverts again to sell products, it is played at funerals to help remember a person and even played in hospitals to aid the healing process.

Pacchetti et al(2000) found that music therapy is an effective treatment for those with Parkinsons disease which shows the positive effect music can have. Not only did patients report a generally happier mood, lees stress and better quality of life but the physical symptoms of their illness also improved which shows the impact music can have on the the mind and body.

Music also encourages development in children: studies have shown those with lower development rates can improve speech, hand-eye coordination and other communication sills that are vital to development.

The point being made is that research into everyday experiences, such as music, can be overlooked when it can have such beneficial effects on society i.e. in schools, prisons etc. Research of this kind should be focused on more as it has a great usefulness.


Pacchetti et all(2000) Psychosomatic Medicine 62:386-393 (

D.Aldridge, G Gustoff and L Neugebauer. A Pilot study of music therapy in the treatment of children with developmental delay. Complementary Therapies in Medicine (1995)3,4,197-205.

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