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Get a MAc Advert Campaigns

March 12, 2014

Get a Mac Adverts <link to adverts (american version).

Get a mac adverts were aired in America, The United Kingdom, Japan amongst many other countries. They feature two famous people, one as PC and the other as Mac acting out a vignette. To focus in on different countries, different actors were used in different countries: Justin long as Mac and John Hogdeman as PC in america; Robert Webb as Mac and David Mitchell as PC in the UK and a comedic Japenese due in Japan. By personalising the Ads for the different countries is a really effective way of reaching out to the different countries making the ads more effective.

There are over 60 adverts in the campaign which all feature the same recognisable music throughout with makes the adverts recognisable. They all feature a white background which make them really simple to follow. With so many adverts showing between 2006 and 2009 is works on mere exposure, it would be near impossible to not have seen any of the adverts. There is a strong brand image used in the adverts: at the end of the advert an apple omputer would be shown oth the Mac and apple logo. The white background also adds to the brand image- it is the iconic white headphones which most people feature with the brand. At the beginning of each advert they actprs also introduce themselves as Mac and PC, so throughout we know of the brand and are hearing about the brand. The actor portraying PC wears an old looking suit and glasses and is seen as being boring whereas MAC is portrayed as being cool and young. This again adds to brand image. Prior to the campaign, MAC sales were decreasing. One month after the campaign was launched an increase in MACs sold went through 200,000. After a year sales had increased by 39%. The adverts were really effective, which I feel is due to the strong brand image, the comedic and simple approach and the personalised actors for each country- effective market segmentation.





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